Parallel session 12: Simplification, Summarisation, Generation, Classification and Resources

Session Chair: Ayla Rigouts Terryn, Galata hall

10.30-10.50 Systematic TextRank Optimization in Extractive Summarization (Morris Zieve, Anthony Gregor, Frederik Juul Stokbaek, Hunter Lewis, Ellis Marie Mendoza and Benyamin Ahmadnia)

10.50-11.10 Non-Parametric Memory Guidance for Multi-Document Summarization (Florian Baud and Alex Aussem)

11.10-11.30 BB25HLegalSum: Leveraging BM25 and BERT-based clustering for the summarization of legal documents (Leonardo Bonalume de Andrade and Karin Becker)

11.30-11.50 Advancing Topical Text Classification: A Novel Distance-Based Method with Contextual Embeddings (Andriy Kosar, Guy De Pauw and Walter Daelemans)

11.50-12.10 HTMOT : Hierarchical Topic Modelling Over Time (Judicael POUMAY and Ashwin Ittoo)

12.10-12.30 Classification of US Supreme Court Cases using BERT-Based Techniques (Shubham Vatsal, Adam Meyers and John E. Ortega)

12.30-12.50  Designing the LECOR Learner Corpus for Romanian (Ana Maria Barbu, Elena Irimia, Carmen Mîrzea Vasile and Vasile Păiș)

12.50-1.10pm Lexicon-driven automatic sentence generation for the skills section in a job posting (Vera Aleksic, Mona Brems, Anna Mathes and Theresa Bertele)

1.10-1.10pm LeSS: A Computationally-Light Lexical Simplifier for Spanish (Sanja Stajner, Daniel Ibanez and Horacio Saggion)

‘Remote short papers’: available on the conference website to view on 4, 5 and 6 September 2023 only:

  1. Tackling the Myriads of Collusion Scams on YouTube Comments of Cryptocurrency Videos (Sadat Shahriar and Arjun Mukherjee)
  2. Data Augmentation for Fake Reviews Detection (Ming Liu and Massimo Poesio)
  3. Exploring Deceptive Domain Transfer Strategies: Mitigating the Differences among Deceptive Domains (Sadat Shahriar, Arjun Mukherjee and Omprakash Gnawali)
  4. Student’s t-Distribution: On Measuring the Inter-Rater Reliability When the Observations are Scarce (Serge Gladkoff, Lifeng Han and Goran Nenadic)
  5. Coherent Story Generation with Structured Knowledge (Congda Ma, Kotaro Funakoshi, Kiyoaki Shirai and Manabu Okumura)
  6. A Practical Survey on Zero-Shot Prompt Design for In-Context Learning (Yinheng Li)
  7. Automatically Generating Hindi Wikipedia Pages using Wikidata as a Knowledge Graph: A Domain-Specific Template Sentences Approach (Aditya Agarwal and Radhika Mamidi)
  8. Performance analysis of Arabic pre-trained models on named entity recognition task (Abdelhalim Hafedh Dahou, Mohamed Amine Cheragui and Ahmed Abdelali)
  9. Taxonomy-Based Automation of Prior Approval using Clinical Guidelines (Saranya Krishnamoorthy and Ayush Singh)
  10. Topic Modeling Using Community Detection on a Word Association Graph (Mahfuzur Rahman Chowdhury, Intesur Ahmed, Farig Sadeque and Muhammad Yanhaona)