Parallel session 11: LM for Detecting Fakes, Misinformation, Deception, Bias, Intent

Session Chair: Petya Osenova, Cherno more hall

10.30-10.50 Categorising Fine-to-Coarse Grained Misinformation: An Empirical Study of the COVID-19 Infodemic (Ye Jiang, Xingyi Song, Carolina Scarton, Iknoor Singh, Ahmet Aker and Kalina Bontcheva)

10.50-11.10 Data Fusion for Better Fake Reviews Detection (Alimuddin Melleng, Anna Jurek-Loughrey and Deepak P)

11.10-11.30 Socially Responsible Hate Speech Detection: Can Classifiers Reflect Social Stereotypes? (Francielle Vargas, Isabelle Carvalho, Ali Hürriyetoğlu, Thiago Pardo and Fabrício Benevenuto)

11.30-11.50 Noisy Self-Training with Data Augmentations for Offensive and Hate Speech Detection Tasks (João Leite, Carolina Scarton and Diego Silva)

11.50-12.10 Predicting Sentence-Level Factuality of News and Bias of Media Outlets (Francielle Vargas, Kokil Jaidka, Thiago Pardo and Fabrício Benevenuto)

12.10-12.30 On the Identification and Forecasting of Hate Speech in Inceldom (Paolo Gajo, Arianna Muti, Katerina Korre, Silvia Bernardini and Alberto Barrón-Cedeño)

12.30-12.50 Deep Learning Approaches to Detecting Safeguarding Concerns in Schoolchildren’s Online Conversations (Emma Franklin and Tharindu Ranasinghe)

12.50-1.10pm Enriched Pre-trained Transformers for Joint Slot Filling and Intent Detection (Momchil Hardalov, Ivan Koychev and Preslav Nakov)

1.10-1.30pm Cross-Lingual Speaker Identification for Indian Languages (Amaan Rizvi, Anupam Jamatia, Dwijen Rudrapal, Kunal Chakma and Björn Gambäck)