Poster session 2 incorporating the student workshop

Chair: Karin Becker, Varna hall

13 posters on NER, Sentiment Analysis, Assessment in Education and Machine Translation

  1. Evaluating Data Augmentation for Medication Identification in Clinical Notes (Jordan Koontz, Maite Oronoz and Alicia Pérez)
  2. Medical Concept Mention Identification in Social Media Posts using a Small Number of Sample References (Vasudevan Nedumpozhimana, Sneha Rautmare, Meegan Gower, Nishtha Jain, Maja Popović, Patricia Buffini and John Kelleher)
  3. Comparison of Multilingual Entity Linking Approaches (Ivelina Bozhinova and Andrey Tagarev)
  4. Identifying Semantic Argument Types in Predication and Copredication Contexts: A Zero-Shot Cross-Lingual Approach (Deniz Ekin Yavas, Laura Kallmeyer, Rainer Osswald, Elisabetta Jezek, Marta Ricchiardi and Long Chen)
  5. Exploring Techniques to Detect and Mitigate Non-Inclusive Language Bias in Marketing Communications using a Dictionary-Based Approach (Bharathi Raja Chakravarthi, Prasanna Kumar Kumaresan, Rahul Ponnusamy, John P. McCrae, Michaela Comerford, Jay Megaro, Deniz Keles and Last Feremenga)
  6. Human Value Detection from Bilingual Sensory Product Reviews (Boyu Niu, Céline Manetta and Frédérique Segond)
  7. Stance Prediction from Multimodal Social Media Data (Lais Carraro Leme Cavalheiro, Matheus Camasmie Pavan and Ivandré Paraboni)
  8. Improving Aspect-Based Sentiment with End-to-End Semantic Role Labeling Model (Pavel Přibáň and Ondřej Pražák)
  9. Dimensions of Quality: Contrasting Stylistic vs. Semantic Features for Modelling Literary Quality in 9,000 Novels (Pascale Moreira and Yuri Bizzoni)
  10. A Computational Analysis of the Voices of Shakespeare’s Characters (Liviu P. Dinu and Ana Sabina Uban)
  11. Discourse Analysis of Argumentative Essays of English Learners based on CEFR Level (Blaise Hanel and Leila Kosseim)
  12. Automatic Assessment of Spoken English Proficiency Based on Multimodal & Multitask Transformers (Kamel Nebhi and György Szaszák)
  13. Hindi to Dravidian Language Neural Machine Translation Systems (Vijay Sundar Ram and Sobha Lalitha Devi)

Posters from the student workshop

‘Remote posters’: available on the conference website to view on 4, 5 and 6 September 2023 only

  1. WordNet: Problems in Translating Hindi Synsets into Bhojpuri (Imran Ali and Praveen Gatla)
  2. Generative Models for Indic Languages: Evaluating Content Generation Capabilities (Savita Bhat, Vasudeva Varma and Niranjan Pedanekar)
  3. Event Annotation and Detection in Kannada-English Code-Mixed Social Media Data (Sumukh S, Abhinav Appidi and Manish Shrivastava)
  4. Comparative Analysis of Named Entity Recognition in the Dungeons and Dragons Domain (Gayashan Weerasundara and Nisansa de Silva)