Journal of Natural Language Engineering

Promotional event, 6 September 2023

The Journal of Natural Language Engineering (JNLE) is organising a promotional event/workshop after the closing of the conference on 6 September (in the same conference hall where the closing will take place). The JNLE promotional event/workshop will take place from around 5.30pm to about 7.30pm on 6 September and will precede the pre-workshop reception on 6 September scheduled to start at about 8.30pm

After an overview of the journal (which will include details on the papers the journal accepts), tips on how to publish in the journal will be shared. In addition, an update on the new name and cover of the journal will be offered.

Cambridge University Press’ Editor Jessica Miorini, the Executive Editor of the journal, Associate Editors, members of the Editorial Board and the Editorial Assistants will be all in attendance.

Cambridge University Press will offer a wine reception to those who attend this promotional event.

AAll RANLP attendees are invited to join this JNLE workshop after the closing of the conference on 6 September.