Accepted papers

!Trans: When You Cannot Cook Up a Translation, Explain
  Federico Garcea, Margherita Martinelli, Maja Milicević Petrović and Alberto Barrón-Cedeño
3D-EX: A Unified Dataset of Definitions and Dictionary Examples
  Fatemah Almeman, Hadi Sheikhi and Luis Espinosa Anke
A Computational Analysis of the Voices of Shakespeare’s Characters
  Liviu P. Dinu and Ana Sabina Uban
A Practical Survey on Zero-Shot Prompt Design for In-Context Learning
  Yinheng Li
A Research-Based Guide for the Creation and Deployment of a Low-Resource Machine Translation System
  John E. Ortega and Kenneth Church
A Review in Knowledge Extraction from Knowledge Bases
  Fabio Yanez, Andrés Montoyo, Yoan Gutierrez, Rafael Muñoz and Armando Suarez
A review of automatic text simplification tools
  Isabel Espinosa Zaragoza, Elena Lloret Pastor, Paloma Moreda Pozo and Manuel Palomar Sanz
Advancing Topical Text Classification: A Novel Distance-Based Method with Contextual Embeddings
  Andriy Kosar, Guy De Pauw and Walter Daelemans
AlphaMWE-Arabic: Arabic Edition of Multilingual Parallel Corpora with Multiword Expression Annotations
  najet hadj mohamed, Malak Rassem, Lifeng Han and Goran Nenadic
An Evaluation of Source Factors in Concatenation-based Context-aware Neural Machine Translation
  Harritxu Gete and Thierry Etchegoyhen
Are you not moved? Incorporating Sensorimotor Knowledge to Improve Metaphor Detection
  Ghadi Alnafesah, Phillip Smith and Mark Lee
AspectCSE: Sentence Embeddings for Aspect-based Semantic Textual Similarity using Contrastive Learning and Structured Knowledge
  Tim Schopf, Emanuel Gerber, Malte Ostendorff and Florian Matthes
Auto-Encoding Questions with Retrieval Augmented Decoding for Passage Retrieval and Zero-shot Question Generation
  Stalin Varanasi, Muhammad Umer Tariq Butt and Guenter Neumann
Automatic Assessment Of Spoken English Proficiency Based On Multimodal & Multitask Transformers
  Kamel Nebhi and György Szaszák
Automatic Classification of Sentence Meaning in Spanish
  Santiago Arróniz and Sandra Kübler
Automatic extraction of the Romanian Academic Word List: Data and Methods
  Ana-Maria Bucur, Andreea Dincă, Madalina Chitez and Roxana Rogobete
Automatically Generating Hindi Wikipedia Pages using Wikidata as a Knowledge Graph: A Domain-Specific Template Sentences Approach.
  Aditya Agarwal and Radhika Mamidi
B25HLegalSum: Leveraging BM25 and BERT-based clustering for the summarization of legal documents
  Leonardo de Andrade and Karin Becker
BanglaBait: Semi-Supervised Adversarial Approach for Clickbait Detection on Bangla Clickbait Dataset
  MD. Motahar Mahtab, Monirul Haque and Mehedi Hasan
BERTabaporu: assessing a genre-specific language model for Portuguese NLP
  Pablo Botton Costa, Matheus Camasmie Pavan, Wesley Ramos Santos, Samuel Caetano Silva and Ivandré Paraboni
Beyond Information: Is ChatGPT Empathetic Enough?
  Ahmed Belkhir and Fatiha Sadat
Bhojpuri WordNet: Problems in Translating Hindi Synsets into Bhojpuri
  Imran Ali and Praveen Gatla
Bigfoot in Big Tech: Detecting Out of Domain Conspiracy Theories
  Matthew Fort, Zuoyu Tian, Elizabeth Gabel, Nina Georgiades, Noah Sauer, Daniel Dakota and Sandra Kübler
Bipol: Multi-axes Evaluation of Bias with Explainability in Benchmark Datasets
  Tosin Adewumi, Isabella Södergren, Lama Alkhaled, sana al-azzawi, Foteini Simistira Liwicki and Marcus Liwicki
Bridging the Gap between Subword and Character Segmentation in Pretrained Language Model
  Shun Kiyono, Sho Takase, Shengzhe Li and Toshinori Sato
Can Model Fusing Help Transformers in Long Document Classification? An Empirical Study
  Damith Premasiri, Tharindu Ranasinghe and Ruslan Mitkov
Categorising Fine-to-Coarse Grained Misinformation: An Empirical Study of the COVID-19 Infodemic
  Ye Jiang, Xingyi Song, Carolina Scarton, Iknoor Singh, Ahmet Aker and Kalina Bontcheva
Challenges of GPT-3-based Conversational Agents for Healthcare
  Fabian Lechner, Allison Lahnala, Charles Welch and Lucie Flek
Classification of US Supreme Court Cases using BERT-Based Techniques
  Shubham Vatsal, Adam Meyers and John E. Ortega
Classification-Aware Neural Topic Model Combined With Interpretable Analysis – For Conflict Classification
  Tianyu Liang, Yida Mu, Soonho Kim, Darline Kuate, Julie Lang, Rob Vos and Xingyi Song
Classifying COVID-19 vaccine narratives
  Yue Li, Carolina Scarton, Xingyi Song and Kalina Bontcheva
Clinical text classification to SNOMED CT codes using transformers trained on linked open medical ontologies
  Anton Hristov, Petar Ivanov, Anna Aksenova, Tsvetan Asamov, Pavlin Gyurov, Todor Primov and Svetla Boytcheva
Coherent Story Generation with Structured Knowledge
  Congda Ma, Kotaro Funakoshi, Kiyoaki Shirai and Manabu Okumura
Comparative Analysis of Anomaly Detection Algorithms in Text Data
  Yizhou Xu, Kata Gábor, Jérôme Milleret and Frédérique Segond
Comparative Analysis of Named Entity Recognition in the Dungeons and Dragons Domain
  gayashan Weerasundara and Nisansa de Silva
Comparison of Multilingual Entity Linking Approaches
  Ivelina Bozhinova and Andrey Tagarev
ConfliBERT-Arabic: A Pre-trained Arabic Language Model for Politics, Conflicts and Violence
  Sultan Alsarra, Luay Abdeljaber, Wooseong Yang, Niamat Zawad, Latifur Khan, Patrick Brandt, Javier Osorio and Vito D’Orazio
Context Aware Module Selection in Modular Dialogue Systems
  Jan Nehring, René Marcel Berk and Stefan Hillmann
Cross-lingual Classification of Crisis-related Tweets Using Machine Translation
  Shareefa Al Amer, Mark Lee and Phillip Smith
Cross-Lingual Speaker Identification for Indian Languages
  Amaan Rizvi, Anupam Jamatia, Dwijen Rudrapal, Kunal Chakma and Björn Gambäck
Data Augmentation for Fake News Detection by Combining Seq2seq and NLI
  Anna Glazkova
Data Augmentation for Fake Reviews Detection
  Ming Liu and Massimo Poesio
Data Fusion for Better Fake Reviews Detection
  Alimuddin Melleng, Anna Jurek-Loughrey and Deepak P
Deep Learning Approaches to Detecting Safeguarding Concerns in Schoolchildren’s Online Conversations
  Emma Franklin and Tharindu Ranasinghe
Deep Learning Methods for Identification of Multiword Flower and Plant Names
  Damith Premasiri, Amal Haddad Haddad, Tharindu Ranasinghe and Ruslan Mitkov
Designing the LECOR Learner Corpus for Romanian
  Ana Maria Barbu, Elena Irimia, Carmen Mîrzea Vasile and Vasile Păiș
Detecting Text Formality: A Study of Text Classification Approaches
  Daryna Dementieva, Nikolay Babakov and Alexander Panchenko
Developing a Multilingual Corpus of Wikipedia Biographies
  Hannah Devinney, Anton Eklund, Igor Ryazanov and Jingwen Cai
Dimensions of Quality: Contrasting Stylistic vs. Semantic Features \\ for Modelling Literary Quality in 9,000 Novels
  Pascale Moreira and Yuri Bizzoni
Discourse Analysis of Argumentative Essays of English Learners based on CEFR Level
  Blaise Hanel and Leila Kosseim
Does the “most sinfully decadent cake ever” taste good?: Answering Yes/No Questions from Figurative Contexts
  Geetanjali Rakshit and Jeffrey Flanigan
Efficient Domain Adaptation of Sentence Embeddings using Adapters
  Tim Schopf, Dennis Schneider and Florian Matthes
Enriched Pre-trained Transformers for Joint Slot Filling and Intent Detection
  Momchil Hardalov, Ivan Koychev and Preslav Nakov
Evaluating Data Augmentation for Medication Identification in Clinical Notes
  Jordan Koontz, Maite Oronoz and Alicia Pérez
Evaluating Generative Models for Graph-to-Text Generation
  Shuzhou Yuan and Michael Faerber
Evaluating Hierarchical Topic Models using labelled dataset
  Judicael POUMAY and Ashwin Ittoo
Evaluating of Large Language Models in Relationship Extraction from Unstructured Data: Empirical Study from Holocaust Testimonies
  Isuri Anuradha, Le An Ha, Ruslan Mitkov and Vinita Nahar
Event Extraction in Kannada-English Code-Mixed Social Media Data
  Sumukh S
Explainable Event Detection with Event Trigger Identification as Rationale Extraction
  Hansi Hettiarachchi and Tharindu Ranasinghe
Exploring Abstractive Text Summarisation for Podcasts: A Comparative Study of BART and T5 Models
  Parth Saxena and Mahmoud El-Haj
Exploring Amharic Hate Speech Data Collection and Classification Approaches
  Abinew Ali Ayele, Seid Muhie Yimam, Tadesse Destaw Belay, Tesfa Asfaw and Chris Biemann
Exploring Deceptive Domain Transfer Strategies: Mitigating the Differences among Deceptive Domains
  Sadat Shahriar, Arjun Mukherjee and Omprakash Gnawali
Exploring Techniques to Detect and Mitigate Non-Inclusive Language Bias in Marketing Communications using a Dictionary-Based Approach
  Bharathi Raja Chakravarthi, Prasanna Kumar Kumaresan, Rahul Ponnusamy, John P. McCrae, Michaela Comerford, Jay Megaro, Deniz Keles and Last Feremenga
Exploring the Landscape of Natural Language Processing Research
  Tim Schopf, Karim Arabi and Florian Matthes
Exploring Unsupervised Semantic Similarity Methods for Claim Verification in Health Care News Articles
  Vishwani Gupta, Astrid Viciano, Holger Wormer and Najmehsadat Mousavinezhad
Forming Trees with Treeformers
  Nilay Patel and Jeffrey Flanigan
From Fake News to Hyperpartisan Detection using Domain Adaptation
  Răzvan-Alexandru Smădu, Dumitru-Clementin Cercel, Iuliana Marin and Florin Pop
From Stigma to Support: A Parallel Corpus and NLP Approach for Neutralizing Mental Illness Bias
  Mason Choey
Generative Models For Indic Languages: Evaluating Content Generation Capabilities
  Savita Bhat, Vasudeva Varma and Niranjan Pedanekar
HAQA and QUQA: Constructing two Arabic Question-Answering Corpora for the Quran and Hadith
  Sarah Alnefaie, Eric Atwell and Mohammad Ammar Alsalka
Hindi to Dravidian Language Neural Machine Translation Systems
  Vijay Sundar Ram and Sobha Lalitha Devi
HTMOT : Hierarchical Topic Modelling Over Time
  Judicael POUMAY and Ashwin Ittoo
Human Value Detection from Sensory Product Reviews
  Boyu Niu, Céline Manetta and Frédérique Segond
huPWKP: A Hungarian Text Simplification Corpus
  Noemi Protar and Dávid Márk Nemeskey
Identifying Semantic Argument Types in Predication and Copredication Contexts: A Zero-Shot Cross-Lingual Approach
  Deniz Ekin Yavas, Laura Kallmeyer, Rainer Osswald, Elisabetta Jezek, Marta Ricchiardi and Long Chen
Impact of Emojis on Automatic Analysis of Individual Emotion Categories
  Ratchakrit Arreerard and Scott Piao
Improving Aspect-Based Sentiment with End-to-End Semantic Role Labeling Model
  Pavel Přibáň and Ondřej Pražák
Improving Translation Quality for Low-Resource Inuktitut with Various Preprocessing Techniques
  Mathias Hans Erik Stenlund, Mathilde Nanni, Micaella Bruton and Meriem Beloucif
Kāraka-Based Answer Retrieval for Question Answering in Indic Languages
  Devika Verma, Ramprasad S. Joshi, Aiman A. Shivani and Rohan D. Gupta
LeSS: A Computationally-Light Lexical Simplifier for Spanish
  Sanja Stajner, Daniel Ibanez and Horacio Saggion
Lessons Learnt from Linear Text Segmentation: a fair comparison of architectural and sentence encoding strategies for successful segmentation
  Iacopo Ghinassi, Lin Wang, Chris Newell and Matthew Purver
Lexicon-driven automatic sentence generation for the skills section in a job posting
  Vera Aleksic, Mona Brems, Anna Mathes and Theresa Bertele
Looking for Traces of Textual Deepfakes in Bulgarian Social Media
  Irina Temnikova, Iva Marinova, Silvia Gargova, Ruslana Margova and Ivan Koychev
Mapping explicit and implicit discourse relations between the RST-DT and the PDTB 3.0
  Nelson Filipe Costa, Nadia Sheikh and Leila Kosseim
Measuring Gender Bias in Natural Language Processing: Incorporating Gender-Neutral Linguistic Forms for Non-Binary Gender Identities in Abusive Speech Detection
  Nasim Sobhani, Kinshuk Sengupta and Sarah Jane Delany
Measuring Spurious Correlation in Classification: “Clever Hans” in Translationese
  Angana Borah, Daria Pylypenko, Cristina España-Bonet and Josef van Genabith
Medical Concept Mention Identification in Social Media Posts using a Small Number of Sample References
  Vasudevan Nedumpozhimana, Sneha Rautmare, Meegan Gower, Nishtha Jain, Maja Popović, Patricia Buffini and John Kelleher
Microsyntactic Unit Detection using Word Embedding Models: Experiments on Slavic Languages
  Iuliia Zaitova, Irina Stenger and Tania Avgustinova
Mind the User! Measures to More Accurately Evaluate the Practical Value of Active Learning Strategies
  Julia Romberg
Modeling Easiness for Training Transformers with Curriculum Learning
  Leonardo Ranaldi, Giulia Pucci and Fabio Massimo Zanzotto
MQDD: Pre-training of Multimodal Question Duplicity Detection for Software Engineering Domain
  Jan Pasek, Jakub Sido, Miloslav Konopik and Ondřej Prazak
Multi-task Ensemble Learning for Fake Reviews Detection and Helpfulness Prediction: A Novel Approach
  Alimuddin Melleng, Anna Jurek-Loughrey and Deepak P
Multilingual Continual Learning Approaches for Text Classification
  Karan Praharaj and Irina Matveeva
Multilingual Racial Hate Speech Detection Using Transfer Learning
  Abinew Ali Ayele, Skadi Dinter, Seid Muhie Yimam and Chris Biemann
Multimodal Learning for Accurate Visual Question Answering: An Attention-based Approach
  Benyamin Ahmadnia, Jishnu Bhardwaj, Anurag Balakrishnan, Satyam Pathak, Ishan Unnarkar and Aniruddha Gawande
NoHateBrazil: A Brazilian Portuguese Text Offensiveness Analysis System
  Francielle Vargas, Isabelle Carvalho, Wolfgang Schmeisser-Nieto and Fabrício Benevenuto
Noisy Self-Training with Data Augmentations for Offensive and Hate Speech Detection Tasks
  João Leite, Diego Furtado Silva and Carolina Scarton
Non-Parametric Memory Guidance for Multi-Document Summarization
  Florian Baud and Alex Aussem
Numerite: An Automatic Math Word Problem Solver
  Aditi Killedar, Anchal Sharma and Ashwini M. Joshi
On the generalization of projection-based gender debiasing in word embedding
  Elisabetta Fersini, ANTONIO CANDELIERI and Lorenzo Pastore
On the Identification and Forecasting of Hate Speech in Inceldom
  Paolo Gajo, Arianna Muti, Katerina Korre, Silvia Bernardini and Alberto Barrón-Cedeño
Party Extraction from Legal Contract Using Contextualized Span Representations of Parties
  Sanjeepan Sivapiran, Charangan Vasantharajan and Uthayasanker Thayasivam
Performance analysis of Arabic pre-trained models on named entity recognition task
  Abdelhalim Hafedh DAHOU, Mohamed Amine CHERAGUI and Ahmed Abdelali
Poetry Generation Combining Poetry Theme Labels Representations
  Yingyu Yan, Liang Yang, Dongyu Zhang and Hongfei LIN
Pop the Monolingual Bubble: Fighting Misinformation During Russian Invasion to Ukraine with Multilingual Evidence
  Daryna Dementieva, Maryna Shcherbak, Evgeniya Sukhodolskaya and Georg Groh
PreCog: Exploring the Relation between Memorization and Performance in Pre-trained Language Models
  Leonardo Ranaldi, Elena Sofia Ruzzetti and Fabio Massimo Zanzotto
Predicting Sentence-Level Factuality of News and Bias of Media Outlets
  Francielle Vargas, Kokil Jaidka and Fabrício Benevenuto
Pretraining Language- and Domain-Specific BERT on Automatically Translated Text
  Tatsuya Ishigaki, Yui Uehara, Goran Topić and Hiroya Takamura
Processing English Verb Phrase Ellipsis for Conversational English-Hindi Machine Translation
  Aniruddha Deshpande and Dipti Sharma
Prompt-Based Approach for Czech Sentiment Analysis
  Jakub Šmíd and Pavel Přibáň
Propaganda Detection in Russian Telegram posts
  Natalia Vanetik, Egor Reviakin, Margarita Tyamanov and Marina Litvak
Publish or Hold? Automatic Comment Moderation in Luxembourgish News Articles
  Tharindu Ranasinghe, Alistair Plum, Christoph Purschke and Marcos Zampieri
Reading Between the Lines: Information extraction from Industry Requirements
  Ole Magnus Holter and Basil Ell
Sign Language Recognition and Translation: A Multi-Modal Approach Using Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing
  Benyamin Ahmadnia, Jacky Li, Jaren Gerdes, James Gojit, Austin Tao and Samyak Katke
Simultaneous Interpreting as a Noisy Channel: How Much Information Gets Through
  Maria Kunilovskaya, Heike Przybyl, Ekaterina Lapshinova-Koltunski and Elke Teich
Socially Responsible Hate Speech Detection: Can Classifiers Reflect Social Stereotypes?
  Francielle Vargas, Isabelle Carvalho, Ali Hürriyetoğlu and Fabrício Benevenuto
Source Code Plagiarism Detection with Pre-Trained Model Embeddings and Automated Machine Learning
  Fahad Ebrahim and Mike Joy
SSSD: leveraging pre-trained models and semantic search for semi-supervised stance detection
  André de Sousa and Karin Becker
Stance prediction from multimodal social media data
  Lais Carraro Leme Cavalheiro, Matheus Camasmie Pavan and Ivandré Paraboni
Student’s t-Distribution: On Measuring the Inter-Rater Reliability When the Observations are Scarce
  Lifeng Han, Serge Gladkoff and Goran Nenadic
Studying common ground instantiation using audio, video and brain behaviours: the BrainKT corpus
  Eliot Maës, Thierry Legou, Leonor Becerra and Philippe Blache
System-Initiated Transitions from Chit-Chat to Task-Oriented Dialogues with Transition Info Extractor and Transition Sentence Generator
  Ye Liu, Stefan Ultes, Wolfgang Minker and Wolfgang Maier
Systematic TextRank Optimization in Extractive Summarization
  Benyamin Ahmadnia, Morris Zieve, Anthony Gregor, Frederik Juul Stokbaek, Hunter Lewis and Ellis Marie Mendoza
T2KG: Transforming multimodal document to knowledge graph
  Santiago Galiano, Rafael Muñoz, Yoan Gutiérrez, Andrés Montoyo and Jose Ignacio Abreu
Tackling the Myriads of Collusion Scams on YouTube Comments of Cryptocurrency Videos
  Sadat Shahriar and Arjun Mukherjee
Taxonomy-Based Automation of Prior Approval using Clinical Guidelines
  Saranya Krishnamoorthy, Ayush Singh and John E. Ortega
The Dark Side of the Language: Pre-trained Transformers in the DarkNet
  Leonardo Ranaldi, Aria Nourbakhsh, Elena Sofia Ruzzetti, Arianna Patrizi, Dario Onorati, Francesca Fallucchi and Fabio Massimo Zanzotto
Three Approaches to Client Email Topic Classification
  Branislava Šandrih Todorović, Katarina Kovačević and Jurij Kodre
Topic Modeling Using Community Detection on a Word Association Graph
  Mahfuzur Rahman Chowdhury, Intesur Ahmed, Farig Sadeque and Muhammad Yanhaona
Towards a Consensus Taxonomy for Annotating Errors in Automatically Generated Text
  Rudali Huidrom and Anya Belz
Transformer-Based Language Models for Bulgarian
  Iva Marinova, Kiril Simov and Petya Osenova
TreeSwap: Data Augmentation for Machine Translation via Dependency Subtree Swapping
  Attila Nagy, Dorina Lakatos, Botond Barta and Judit Ács
Uncertainty Quantification of Text Classification in a Multi-Label Setting for Risk-Sensitive Systems
  Benyamin Ahmadnia, Jinha Hwang, Rahul Vishwakarma and Carol Gudumotu
Unimodal Intermediate Training for Multimodal Meme Sentiment Classification
  Muzhaffar Hazman, Susan McKeever and Josephine Griffith
Universal Dependencies annotation of Old English Texts with SpaCy and a pipeline architecture. Initial assessment and perspectives
  Javier Martín Arista, Ana Elvira Ojanguren López, Sara Domínguez Barragán and Mario Barcala
Using Wikidata for Enhancing Compositionality in Pretrained Language Models
  Meriem Beloucif, Mihir Bansal and Chris Biemann
Vocab-Expander: A System for Creating Domain-Specific Vocabularies Based on Word Embeddings
  Michael Faerber and Nicholas Popovic
WIKITIDE: A Wikipedia-based Timestamped Definition Pairs Dataset
  Hsuvas Borkakoty and Luis Espinosa Anke
Word Sense Disambiguation for Automatic Translation of Medical Dialogues into Pictographs
  Magali Norré, Rémi Cardon, Vincent Vandeghinste and Thomas François
‘ChemXtract’ A System for Extraction of Chemical Events from Patent Documents
  Pattabhi RK Rao and Sobha Lalitha Devi