RANLP 2019 will be held in Varna, the largest city on the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast, in the Cherno More Hotel. The event venue is centrally located at the entrance of the Sea Garden. Varna is a major tourist destination with an International Airport. It is also known for its Archaeological Museum, which features the oldest gold treasure in the world (

Local Transport

The Distance between Varna airport and Cherno more hotel is 15 km.

Taxi / Arriving at night

The taxi company Triumf Taxi has a 24/7 desk at the Arrivals hall in Varna airport, located near the entry door. The price from the Airport to hotel "Cherno more" is 10-12 levs (BGN), i.e. 5-6 euro. We recommend to use this service. It is safe, fast and relatively inexpensive.

Airport-Downtown by public transport

Bus 409 operates daily from 05:45 to 23:00, every 15 minutes. The ticket price is 1 lev (50 eurocents). Buses can be followed on-line at You will travel from bus stop LETISHTE (AIRPORT) to bus stop SEVASTOPOL (The square next to Cherno more hotel). Tickets are purchased in the bus, tell to the conductor the bus stop name (SEVASTOPOL). The duration of the travel is about 25 minutes (but it depends on the traffic). Be careful to take the bus in the direction to Varna centre instead to Aksakovo (from where the bus will continue to the downtown too but it will take longer to reach Cherno more hotel).

Local currency, Exchange

A 24/7 Exchange desk is located in the Arrivals hall of Varna Airport. You can exchange 10 euro there just to pay the taxi. In the city you may find a better exchange ratio.

The Bulgarian currency LEV (BGN) has a fixed exchange rate according to the euro: 1 euro = 1,95583 levs. Exchange offices and banks operate at similar rates with certain taxes.