Important Dates (UTC-12:00):

Conference abstracts submission: 10 June 2021
Conference papers submission (extended): 15 June 2021
Conference papers acceptance notification (extended): 26 July 2021
Camera-ready versions of the conference papers (extended): 20 August 2021
Conference video presentations due (extended): 26 August 2021 (for those who opt for pre-recorded presentations)

It is recommended that authors submit an abstract of their paper by 10 June 2021 and register their paper for review. In the submission page in START there is a text field where the abstract must be pasted in. The lenght of the abstract should be no more than 200 words. Submitting an abstract in advance is not mandatory but having it earlier than 15th May will help us to plan the review. Submissions are due on 15 June 2021.

Submission Format

At RANLP we accept the following submission types.

  • Full papers should not exceed 8 pages (plus unlimited number of pages for references and ethics/broader impact statement).
  • Short papers should not exceed 7 pages (plus unlimited number of pages for references and ethics/broader impact statement).
  • Poster and demo submissions should be no longer than 6 pages (plus unlimited number of pages for references and ethics/broader impact statement).

The main body includes text, figures and tables. All submissiоnsare made electronically as **PDF** files.

Supplementary material: Additional material that is relevant to the reviewers may be submitted but not as an integral part of the paper.There are two such types of material: appendices, which can be read, and non-readable supplementary materials, data or code. Additional material must be submitted as separate files, and must adhere to the same anonymity guidelines as the main paper. Appendices should be no longer than 2 pages.The paper must be self-contained: it is optional for reviewers to look at the supplementary material. It can be uploaded as up to three separate files: a single appendix file in PDF format, a single .tgz or .zip archive containing software, and/or a single .tgz or .zip archive containing data.

The reviewing process will be blind, except for the demo submissions. The papers must not include the authors' names and affiliations, neither self-references that reveal the authors' identity. Please avoid "We previously proved (James, 2009) ...", and use instead citations such as "James previously proved (James 2009)...". Papers that do not conform with these requirements will be rejected without review.

For demo submissions please provide also author information and a link to your demo system if available online.

In order to keep compliance with the ACL anthology we require that submitted papers follow strictlythe ACL-based template files however please note that the RANLP requirements for paper length are different and you need to comply with what is provided on this page.

Templates:    LaTeX at Overeaf, LaTeX , MS Office

Given this high standard and the limited number of time slots available to present regular papers, it has been agreed that in the event of a significant number of high-quality submissions, regular papers which do not quite meet the highest grade but receive excellent comments and are deemed worthyof being presented will be accepted as short papers and the authors of these papers will be invited to reduce the length of their paper in order to comply with the guidelines of short papers.

Similarly, if a high number of short papers are also received (and given the limited number of time-slots for short papers in the conference programme), authors whose short papers do not receive high enough scores from the reviewers but nevertheless receive positive comments and are deemed worthy of presentation will be invited to revise their submission as a poster paper and showcase their work in poster sessions, thus ensuring that more authors have the opportunity to present their work.

If you want to submit a paper now, please go here.

Review Policy

The review process is anonymous. Submissions will be reviewed by 3 members of the Programme Committee. Based on the reviewers' scores, the submitted articles will be accepted as:
- REGULAR papers (8 pages (+1) in the full conference proceedings) or as
- SHORT papers (7 pages (+1) in the full conference proceedings), or as
- POSTER papers (6 pages (+1) in the full conference proceedings).
Authors of accepted papers will receive the reviewer's comments and further guidelines regarding how to produce camera-ready versions of their papers for inclusion in the proceedings.


  • The authors of papers accepted should address the reviewers comments and re-submit a camera-ready version of their paper/s. The authors are allowed to add an extra page for that.
  • The papers are submitted with the same ID to the START system.
  • The manuscripts should follow strictly the ACL based stylesheets, providedabove.


If you want to submit your final manuscript now, please go here.


The full conference proceedings will be uploaded on the ACL Anthology, and each accepted paper will have a DOI number. A printed version, whose estimated price will be between 45 and 50 euro,will be made available after the conference if ordered in advance.

Multiple Submission Policy

Authors may submit the same paper at several conferences. In this case they must notify the organisers in a separate mail to 2021 [ AT ], so we know that the paper might be withdrawn depending on the review results at some other conference

Conference Management System

The submission is maintained by the conference management software - START. To make a submission please go here and follow the instruction. In case of a problem, feel free to contact us at the 2021 [AT]